Why do we need protection for the student

By | November 28, 2017

Protection is more necessary for the student, rather than for the teaching staff. If we consider a simple example that a student learns directly for himself to eventually become a worthy specialist and take up a prestigious position, then all the manipulations related to the protection and protection of the diploma are needed to a greater extent only for his self-development and self-realization. So, at the stage of pre-defense an important moment is considered the possibility of normal preparation. To prepare for the pre-defense, homepage
you need to use the main project and additional sources. They are more closely related to the requirements that are officially established for students. The fact is that the defense of the diploma is held in strict accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Education. There are also certain rules that apply only to a particular institution. All these rules are prescribed in the statutory documents. Throughout the training phase, the supervisor should advise the student on these issues and give him his recommendations. Also, if there are certain questions from the student, the teacher must answer them and take the ways of solving these issues. To the duties of the student at all stages of preparation is that he must regularly report to the scientific supervisor about what research he was able to do and what questions to solve in the process of writing the work.

Summing up

The process of pre-defense of the diploma project should be based more on the self-realization of the student and his preparation for basic protection. This nuance, as a pre-defense, can not be circumvented in any case. If for some reason the student can not pass the pre-defense, then he can get to the main event only after considering this issue individually. That is, the academic council should consider the reasons why the student could not attend to the pre-defense. At the same time the student is obliged to provide evidence that he physically could not attend this event. If this is due to the illness, then he must submit certificates of the medical institution. If the cause of the badge is another weighty reason, then it must also have the relevant evidence. Only after making an individual decision, the student can be given the opportunity to defend the diploma project without pre-defense.

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