Travelling to Jamaica Alone, Vacation #11 of the Year!

By | December 5, 2011

Landing in Montego Bay, Jamaica


Currently descending on flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica with Canjet Airlines from Toronto. Woo hoo!!! The flight in total from Toronto is 3 hours and 45 minutes which isn’t too far at all. Just remembering my flight to Honolulu in August, makes me so grateful for such a short flight! Montego Bay represents my 11th vacation of the year in my 12 month project of living on a permanent vacation. CRAZY!

Out of all my flights this year, I have never had the opportunity to sit in the last row of the aircraft right next to the toilets!! LOL Oh my gosh, what an experience. People standing in line next to me the entire flight. Opening and closing the doors of the washroom releasing all sorts if interesting scents. lolololol Awesome! Well on the bright side, I had VIP service to enter if I had to use it!

The time came for champagne to be served and I told the lady sitting next to me cheers and she told me she doesn’t cheers and to read up on it so that I know why she doesn’t believe in it. I sat next to a couple reading “The Watchtower” which is a publication of Jehovah’s Witness which I mean whatever believe what you want to believe. I’m like ok playing dumb, big smile. I don’t want to start knocking on doors! I want to start with a Pina Colada! That’s what I am talking about!!!

Jamaica has to be one of the most anticipated trips of the year just because I lived in the Cayman Islands for a year experiencing Caribbean culture, dating a Jamaican guy in the Caymans and lived with his family experiencing Jamaican culture, as well as being raised on the east side of Toronto which has a lot of people from the Caribbean so we are use to listening to reggae! The time has come!

Everyone is telling me to be really careful because I am girl travelling alone to Jamaica and am staying at a bed & breakfast rather than a hotel. Everyone is scared about Jamaica, yet these are the same people who travel and never leave the resort. The only way to see is to go through, so that’s what I am doing. We are landing soon!!!! Ya mon!!!

A driver is coming to pick me up. I was told my the owners through Facebook to exit the airport and turn right towards The Tasty Hut and there will be a sign saying Bethel Court. Ok, here we go!!!!!! Vacation #11 of the year!

My flight was $458 can including tax return. I am staying at Bethel Court in Mount Salem which is a bed & breakfast I found on Jamaica isn’t really a backpacking kind of place like Europe, South America or Asia, so for the most part in what I’ve seen, there are bed & breakfasts. This is the only bed & breakfast I saw that has on the side a hostel in Jamaica. My accommodation is costing me $20 US a night. YAY!

Taxi Driver/Host who picked me up and is in the video is: Lewin McKenzie. He does Tours to Ocho Rios, Negril, Bob Marley’s House, Dunns River Falls, markets and much more. His emai is 1 – 876- 864-2637 and his U.S.A number is 1 – 347-384-4433

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