My first day travelling in Montego Bay.

By | December 7, 2011

Tired, but ready for Jamaica!

I just landed in Montego Bay, Jamaica and had arrived at my hostel called Bethel Court in the residential area of Mount Salem. With no sleep from the previous night, I didn’t know what do you do first. Should I go to the beach, go to sleep or eat because it’s almost lunch time? Seriously, everything all at the same time sounded like a good idea. I wanted to sleep a solid 8 hours because my eyes felt as though they were going to pop out of my head. LOL, no seriously….. Then I started thinking, I am in JAMAICA!!!!! I didn’t come all the way here to go to sleep in my hostel! Ok food first somewhere, and then I can always sleep on the beach! That’s like 2 in 1! Sweeeeet!

I was guided by a guy working for Bethel Court as a guide showing tourists around Montego Bay for their first first days until they felt comfortable in exploring alone. That was really nice and unexpected! Everyone told me to be careful in Jamaica, so the idea of having a local guide when I wasn’t alert from exhaustion sounded like a really good idea. The first stop was at a Jamaican restaurant near the main market place. What to eat in Jamaica? CHICKEN! If you are going to eat chicken anywhere, it’s gonna be in Jamaica! I ordered baked chicken with rice & peas!

First Meal in Jamaica

We then took a taxi to the beach from downtown, which later on my journey I walked several times. But when you are exhausted, it’s always a nicer journey by taxi.

The beach was so beautiful! The water was an aqua blue!!!!! Ya mon!! I could smell that people were smoking marijuana on the beach. In less than 5 minutes I fell asleep! LOL I don’t even know how long I slept. It must have been almost two hours! My guide was sitting chatting with a friend and watching my purse while I was sleeping. This was a public free beach. Most of the beaches in MoBay you have to pay to get into.( I will show you the other beach bar’s I went and paid to get into in the following posts.) Everyone told me before coming that I need to be careful of the men. When I awoke, a thin dark Jamaican women wearing a pink bikini and smoking some weed came up to me and asked, ” Are you gay?” I just smiled and said, no sorry. 😛 Here I was in Jamaica thinking guys were going to pick me up and the first person trying to make a pass was a woman! Nice!!!! lol Well not that there is anything wrong with it! lol I mean I love Ellen!

Beach in MoBay, Jamaica

After my nap we walked up Hip Strip. Hip Strip is a popular touristy strip in Montego Bay where you can find bars, clubs, restaurants, souvenir stores and the beach! You can see green lush mountains and vegetation the the background. That’s what I loved when I first got to Jamaica. I remember when I lived in the Caymans, I was expecting it to be lush, green and mountainous. I think I was expecting it to be like Jamaica!

We went to a reggae bar on the strip! I was feeling good, I mean I had lunch, a nap on the beach and now I deserved a drink!

Richard and I played two games of pool which was fun! Nice dancehall beats in the background….. Sipping in a Heineken! Ya Mon! Everyting irie! lol

We walked back to downtown Montego Bay and from there took a taxi! WOW, MoBay is sooooo alive! People walking, people selling clothes and food on the road, and loud music everywhere.

When I got to the hostel I met the only other person in the hostel: Josh from Detroit! It was so funny because we were the only ones in the hostel. I had a room of 3 bunk beds ( 6 bed) in my dorm, as did he. It was a hostel, just minus the people. He was in Jamaica for 3 nights. His mom works for an airline which means he only ever pays the taxes on flights. Amazing! He even flew to Australia for 4 days last year for $100. And here everyone thinks I am crazy! LOLOLOLOLOLOL Do you know how far Australia is to fly, as well as the jet lag? Man, wow, that’s impressive he did that. We had a few drinks and then we went to bed. Well I mean we went to bed separately. LOL Not together. He went in his dorm and I went to my dorm. Sweet Dreams. xoxoxo

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