Moksha Yoga is Keeping Me Fabulous!!!!!!!!

By | December 16, 2010

It’s been two weeks since I have started doing Moksha Yoga and I just LOVE it!

Key things I have noticed in myself:

  • I feel as though I have gotten leaner. ( Well I am now 125 pounds versus my highest of 145 pounds!!! Yeah me!! I was probably in Sept somewhere between 137 – 140) This is from running the last two months and my last two weeks of yoga.
  • I feel taller!!! Did I grow? I mean I am 5’2, but I feel as though I am standing a lot taller. Posture has changed!
  • I feel cleansed after sweating in a hot room not only of my body but of my mind! Greater awareness!
  • I am in love with the sound of breathe!
  • While doing Yoga, I feel as though I am totally one with Source Energy. ( Although I know we are always with source energy! It helps you feel greater connected!)
  • I feel as though I am wrapped in a blanket of LOVE in the class! It’s so beautiful!
  • Yup, That’s it, I am addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To experience this please check out your closest Moksha Yoga Studio!

    Much Love,

    Elaine Sarantakos
    Fabulous Living Coach

    Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto based Life Coach! 

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