Shaking Your Booty: Jamaican Lessons in Montego Bay

Jamaican Booty Shaking Teacher

I have always admired how Jamaican girls can shake their booty to music. The first time I was exposed to this, was when I was in grade 7 at a school dance and the Jamaican girls were on the floor doing something they called dancing, but I thought it looked otherwise. LOL……. Now looking back at it, I was so young and confused. lol Being from Toronto, I come from a huge Caribbean community so in some sense Jamaican music is apart of Toronto’s vibe (especially being raised east of the city). I have always felt connected to the music being from Toronto and having lived in The Cayman Islands for a year.

Of course when I came to Jamaica, I was dying for the opportunity to meet some Jamaican girls who could show me a thing or two. This wasn’t too difficult as Jamaicans love their music and seem to be blasting music and dancing having fun at any given moment. I don’t know if I learned anything new, but I had lots of fun!

I was at Doctor’s Cave Beach for the day with a fellow backpacker from South Africa and we were leaving after a full day at the beach. ( This was on my last day in Jamaica.) I remembered the girls I met in the start of my trip on Hip Strip at the Reggae Bar, and wanted to go back to say goodbye and to dance!

Gangsta Booty Shaking Teacher With Fellow Backpacker! lol

My ” booty shaking dance teacher” was a real gangsta with her diamond bling sunglasses!!! :) She was so much fun!!!!

Enjoy the videos and my experience!!

( Please note this video has been blocked in the States from You tube for copyright of the music, but the other two lessons if you are from the States you will be able to view!)

2 thoughts on “Shaking Your Booty: Jamaican Lessons in Montego Bay

  1. Hi there, I’m headed to Jamaica for a wedding, and I want to organize for someone to come teach the batchlorette party how to shake our booties Jamaica style. Can you recommend a teacher, or a dance school I could contact for this.

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