Top 10 Reasons You Will Fail ( Although You Can ALWAYS Succeed :P )

By | December 29, 2010

The doors are always open for you to succeed if you CHOOSE to open the doors. Here are the top ten reasons why you will fail. ( Gosh Fabulous, if you would only switch your perspective to see all the possibilities!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!)

  1. You actually expect failure to be the outcome. ( Your belief system is not in vibrational alignment with what you want!)
  2. You let one mistake put you back. ( Like Tony Montana says, ” take it ease!” LOL Relax, take a deep breathe in and get right back!)
  3. You give up way toooooooo quickly. ( Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen over night. Your fabulous life happens in baby steps!)
  4. No strategy.  ( My mind is so creative and goes in a million and one directions, so if I don’t have a strategy nothing happens. How do you work? )
  5. You are not clear in what you want. ( If you are not clear, then the Universe does not know how to deliver to you!)
  6. You are not prepared for the work involved in your goal. ( Example,  I really want to lose weight but I don’t want to exercise and eat right. Poor me, I’m a victim, it’s not fair!  Yup, chances are you are gonna fail! )
  7. You lack commitment. ( You are either committed or you aren’t. The choice is yours!)
  8. You are not enjoying the moment, but the end result. ( Hello, it’s the journey you need to enjoy! Enjoy your goal in the NOW and get excited where you are!!!!)
  9. You set unrealistic time goals. ( If you don’t achieve what you want in the time spend, you call it quits and say game over. Wrong action step!)
  10. You don’t have a support system. ( Maybe the people in your environment drains you and hold you down. You might not have a coach to hold you accountable. That’s where I come in! :-))))))))))))))) 

For support in creating a strategy and moving forward with your goals, please contact me for a free life coaching session up to 30 minutes. BOXING WEEK 50% off!

Cheers to YOUR SUCCESS!!!

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach

 Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto based Life Coach!

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