Washrooms/Toilets/Bathrooms of London, Paris, Granada & Negril

By | December 29, 2011

Negril, Jamaica Travel Washroom Experience

Being on a Permanent Vacation this year, I have had the opportunity to observe and compare something that most people wouldn’t and that is of their washrooms! Ok yes, I am from Canada and we say the washroom! Everyone is always asking me why we call it a washroom because we don’t wash anything and I’m thinking well we don’t say toilet because to us that seems not very polite and we don’t say bathroom because their isn’t a bath always. I don’t know!!! It’s a Canadian thing! LOL

Ok, so here I have 4 authentic travel washroom experiences on You Tube from London, Paris, Granada & Negril!

Starting with London, U.K paying 50 Pence to use it near The Tower of London!!! lol Vacation #3 of the year!

Now in Paris the following month near Place des Vosges! Vacation #4 of the year!

Now in beautiful sunny Granada, Spain! Vacation #6 of the year!

Now, the craziest washroom in Negril, Jamaica! Vacation # 11 of the year!

There you have it 4 international travel washroom experiences! LOL Who knew travelling through washrooms would be quite the experience??

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