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Au-Pair Experience in Spain 2009

I was an Au-Pair in Spain the summer of 2009! It’s going to be a fabulous summer experience right? Or not! lol The good, the bad, the experiences of being an Au-Pair!

I was so excited to be an Au-Pair in Spain!!!

Elaine in October, 2009: I never want to go to Spain again! I never want to eat Spanish food, let alone see anymore jamon again in my life! I’m so happy I never got married and pregnant at a young age! Oh thank you, thank you Universe for having me single and free, instead of on lock-down with crying spoiled children who need to be straightened out. To think guys are scared of their girlfriends getting pregnant on purpose and becoming baby mama’s, when really I’d be more scared if they wanted me pregnant and on lock-down! And what’s up with these people in Barcelona telling me they are Catalan and not Spanish? Oh here we go again, “I am not Canadian, I am Quebecois”. WAH WAH WAH!!!! Get me out of here!!!!……….This wasn’t the Vicky Cristina Barcelona summer experience I had envisioned!

My lens of Spain was distorted after being an Au-Pair for three months the summer of 2009, which is why I knew I had to return one day to clear the dirt of the lens in which I saw country. The Spain that I saw was a Spain of mixed emotions from the two families I lived with, which impacted the energy I carried with me. Spain was a little foggy. Don’t get me wrong, I did have some really fun times there exploring with friends met, when my two girlfriends came from Canada and we toured around and the times I was alone on my own adventures.

Some of the things I experienced were:

* A mother telling me on day one her friend had Au-Pairs from abroad who were very dirty, so I am giving you the heads up this is your room, but I am the woman of the house. “La mujer de la casa.” It was nice meeting you too! I should have know actually from the instant I arrived in Madrid when they had me waiting to be picked up for 3 hours. I had sent them my flight details and had even called. When I was on the phone with them, I told them I wanted to go to Barcelona so they thought I was flying from Barcelona. That’s a bit weird since I sent my flight details. lol So, they came and didn’t see any flights from Barcelona when I arrived and then left. Of course you weren’t going to see me coming from Barcelona, my flight says from Canada!! I’m not going into details about this experience, but you can click on my blog posts from Spain to read up!

Then my girlfriends came from Canada for two weeks and we traveled together around Spain for two weeks in Madrid, Sevilla, Marbella, Ibiza and Barcelona!!

Jeannie, Elaine & Eleni


* The second family in Barcelona, well to start the mother lied about her name. They said we were staying at a camp for two weeks and we ended up staying a month. I wasn’t able to take the 2 year old daughter in the swimming pool because they were scared I’d let her drown. I got into trouble for making the son from the dad’s first wife an omelette with bacon and was told never to take anything out of the fridge without asking. Are you serious? No, it gets better! In Barcelona I wasn’t able to have keys to the house. They told me hypothetically, what happens if you meet someone on the street and give them the keys. LOL You want to play the “What if, what if” game? I had to be home by 10:00 p.m. The weekend I had off they wanted to return back to the camp and I wanted to stay in Barcelona, so they had me sleep at the husbands first ex-wife’s house because they didn’t trust me. And the mother asked me if I ever slept with a married man before. Meanwhile she told me she did. Listen, this wife was her now husband’s ex secretary. That’s when you say in a black girls voice, ” mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm”. Exactly! I thought you know if you have trust issues then don’t have an Au-pair because it’s just not fair! P.S, I lost weight at the camp because they didn’t have food. Or they did buy food, but not much so I became skinny! And especially with them telling me I couldn’t go in the fridge, I wasn’t going to eat what I wanted. Remember, I had to ask!!! lol Nonsense!

I wanted to go back to Spain and wipe my Spanish lens clean from the Au-pair families. When returning back to Canada, I wanted to have a different perception of Spain. I wanted to go to Spain with relaxed energy. I wanted to see Spain at my own space without any Au-pair Mom in my way. Spain is a beautiful country and I knew I couldn’t generalize because of these two experiences. Sometimes we believe something as truth which is based on an experience we had. This truth could have been another truth if we changed the experience around. It’s easy to stay in the truth you believe and to never re-experience it again. Sometimes you see things differently at different stages in your life. The France I experienced with my Aunt in 2001 was a complete different experience I had in 2011. Experiences serve for us to learn, grow and then afterwards maybe even laugh! I think about my Au-Pair experience and think what an “adventurous” learning experience that was Universe. Where did I end up going??? lol

So the only way to wipe my Spanish lens clean was to jump on an airplane which is how I decided to go back to Spain this year in June 2011 for my 6th travel journey of living on a permanent vacation! When I saw a return flight with Air Transat for $540 can, I jumped to buy it! When flights are that cheap, you just don’t mess around! You book!!! And book fast!!! Cheers to wiping my Spanish lens clean with Sangria!