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3 Things I Loved & Hated About Being an Au-Pair

By | July 16, 2015

Au-Pair in Spain

My Au-pair experience took place the summer of 2009 in sunny Spain for three months with two families outside of Madrid and Barcelona. I always played with the idea of being an Au-Pair when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona, that I really decided to make it happen. Did […]

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Baby’s Got Gap! – What does the gap in my teeth mean?

By | March 9, 2012

This is the monologue I prepared for my second travel audition. 😛 If you didn’t already noticed I have a gap in between my two front teeth. It’s a little hard to miss…. I was at work last week and this dentist told me that my gap can be easily fixed. It’s just a simple […]

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Wiping My Spanish Lens Clean

By | July 3, 2011

Elaine in October, 2009: I never want to go to Spain again! I never want to eat Spanish food, let alone see anymore jamon again in my life! I’m so happy I never got married and pregnant at a young age! Oh thank you, thank you Universe for having me single and free, instead of […]

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Pamplona is Beautiful

By | July 14, 2009

After the race I could notice even more the architecture of Pamplona and I was even more in love with the city. Again this was a place that I would like to study it’s history and return one day to fully appreciate it’s being. One thing that I did find out was Ernest Hemingway came […]

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