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Do What YOU Love!

By | April 3, 2013

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. – Wayne Dyer

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Elaine Talks About Her Experience in My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List

By | February 12, 2013

Hey Everyone, Just making a video talking about My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List after being sick for the last week. I just wanted to stay thank you so much to everyone to has voted for me in being in the top 10 for votes! It really means a lot to me. xoxo I know […]

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Watching My Dreams Manifest, Video on Thomas Cook Airlines to Gatwick

By | February 7, 2013


Hey Everyone, I wanted to share with you this old video I found on my You Tube Channel that I created in flight on Thomas Cook Airlines to Gatwick in March 2011. Watching this almost 2 years later, and having entered a few days ago in My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List, I’m thinking OMG […]

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Life Goals: Buckle Your Ass Down

By | September 21, 2012

Hey Everyone, This video is about working on your life goals and in order to do that you need to buckle your ass down! I know how it is in the summertime sometimes with goals because we are all out & about. Now it’s September and the summer has passed. It’s time for you to […]

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Inspirational Message – Be Fucking Awesome!

By | September 13, 2012

I came across an inspirational message of ” Be Fucking Awesome.” It really resonated with me for some reason. Perhaps because it is loud and I could really hear the message. I think if everyone starting thinking this message, they would actually accomplish more things in life, that they would go after their dreams, and […]

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