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Is Travelling To Colombia Safe?

By | April 17, 2012

Although Colombia has gotten better in the last years of cleaning up it’s reputation, there still is a stigma attached of being a dangerous place to travel to. It hasn’t been until the last year that I have seen Cartagena marketed as a tourist package with Air Transat Holidays in Canada. Not a lot of […]

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That movie Taken scares anyone traveling Paris!

By | May 19, 2011

Having decided to travel Paris, I was a little freaked out traveling alone due to having watched the movie Taken. My sister made me watch this movie before I traveled to Spain for three months in 2009 when I was an Au-Pair for the summer. Watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen the movie. […]

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Jump Into Life

By | February 12, 2011

  The only way to do anything you want in life is to just JUMP! This video talks about jumping into life, your dreams and goals. Once you jump you, you will realize it’s not as bad as you thought it would be! Elaine Sarantakos Fabulous Living Coach 647-964-6001 Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto […]

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My Journey Traveling To Cuba Alone

By | February 2, 2011

January 17th, 2011 I’m sitting in the hotel lobby bar at Hotetur Sunbeach hotel in Varadero, Cuba. It’s called, ” El Pillar.” There is a lovely bartender in his 40’s perhaps named Ernesto who is making me a coffee. A cafe con leche, coffee with milk. Wink wink. I’m exhausted from the trip getting here. […]

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