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I’m going to Greece next week!

By | June 2, 2014

Greece, Aegean, Skyros, Ellada

I’m happy that it’s Monday and I can finally say ” Next week I’ll be in Greece!” Yay! With so much happening around, I haven’t really been as excited as I usually would be. Now thinking about it, I wonder if it’s because the weather has been cooler in Toronto than most years, and I […]

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Macedonia with Elaine Sarantakos

By | July 6, 2013

In the next set of upcoming videos I will be sharing Ancient Macedonia and the kingdom of Macedon in northern Greece. Alexander the Great and his father King Philip II were both born in Pella. It is through the archaeological findings of the ruins in Pella, and the museum of Pella & Vergina that we […]

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Lemonis – Traditional Greek Products

By | March 15, 2013

You will be able to find many touristic stores and restaurants by the seaside of Skopelos town close to the “Limani” port. While walking with my friend from the island, one afternoon we came across an authentic local Greek store called Lemonis that carries traditional products from the island of Skopelos. It is hear that […]

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Harlem Shake With Greek Yiayia

By | February 19, 2013

Yesterday I decided to get my own “Harlem Shake” video online, after watching so many Harlem Shake videos! It seems to be the internet craze all over You Tube this February, so why not join the online community and have some fun! If you watch the videos online, they tend to be 30 Seconds with […]

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