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Heinekens, Men Advice, Josi & Elaine Champs Elysees

By | June 3, 2011

Josi my Brazilian friend living in Italy and I really clicked on Champs Elysees. It was as if we were both supposed to come together for some serious fun of female bonding in Paris. She invited me to stay with her in Florence, Italy any time I want! I want to come right now is […]

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Girls just want to have fun. Adventures of Josi & Elaine in Paris begin!

By | June 2, 2011

Don’t you love it when you meet someone and you just click? You feel as though you’ve know them for a long time and you can be yourself and say what you want? Well, that’s exactly how it was with my “Loca Amica” Josi! Never did I anticipate I’d go to the Siene River in […]

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I bet Parisians attract more abundance as they positively smoke cigarettes and think: What do you really want?”!

By | May 24, 2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011 I am sitting at a cafe called Le Depart on rue du Rocher – 75008, Paris near Saint-Lazare Station. I ordered a cafe allonge an a sandwich Jambon which you might have guessed is a Ham sandwich with Parisian ham. It looks like you can’t finish it, but you can! Delicious! […]

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Meeting The Italians in Varadero, Cuba

By | February 12, 2011

Amadeo Marco If you have been following my blog and You Tube, you may have noticed I had some videos about me taking Italian classes in Toronto as well as wanting to go to Italy to meet a hot Italian man to learn Italian.  WANTED WANTED HOT ITALIAN MAN TO LEARN ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me it […]

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