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Sexy Gap Teeth – Baby Got Gap!

By | July 30, 2013

Hey Everyone! Here I am sharing in this video my Sexy Gap Teeth, and what I have heard they mean and what luck they will bring into my life. I have heard: I will be rich with lots of money! I will be successful! I will marry a man with lots of money!! Bling bling! […]

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Visiting My Cousin in Thessaloniki

By | May 25, 2013

Whenever I am in Greece and I visit Macedonia in the northern region, I always get so excited. My mother’s side of the family is from there, so of course I have lots of cousins and a sense of connection there. Here I am in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, visiting a cousin in Aristotle […]

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10 Reasons Why My Grandma is Gangsta

By | April 3, 2013

1. She has 96,000 views on You Tube for doing the Harlem Shake! 2. She has her own Facebook Fan Page: Giagia Maria Greek Harlem Shake 3. She LOVES The Godfather. 4. She knits slippers. 5. She makes the BEST TARAMOSALATA EVER! ( Greek Dip made from Fish Roe!) 6. She knows how to drive […]

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Harlem Shake With Greek Yiayia

By | February 19, 2013

Yesterday I decided to get my own “Harlem Shake” video online, after watching so many Harlem Shake videos! It seems to be the internet craze all over You Tube this February, so why not join the online community and have some fun! If you watch the videos online, they tend to be 30 Seconds with […]

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Greek Aunt Wants Me To Get Married, Kastoria, Greece

By | October 16, 2012

Elaine Sarantakos, Life Coach/Travel Host/Online Social Media Greek aunt wants me to get married. Kastoria, Greece Here I am in a village called Agia Kyriaki, Kastoria in Greece’s northern region of Macedonia. My Greek aunt Magda is thinking of keeping me in Greece and finding me a great guy. She wants me to get married […]

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