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The Celebration of Agios Penteleimonas Church in Skyros Island, Greece

By | November 14, 2012

Maria explains the big celebration of Agios Penteleimonas church in Skyros Island where people gather eating, singing & dancing in the honour of the Saint. Enjoy! For accommodation in Skyros Island visit Maestralia Skyros

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Cathedral in Granada

By | July 18, 2011

Charlie and I returned back to the hostel for a free walking tour after our tapas, to find out not enough people signed up, so it was cancelled. That’s o.k, we can make our own tour! We walked through the Arabic Market down to Granada’s famous cathedral. Outside the Cathedral were the most beautiful balconies […]

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A Day Visiting Montmartre in Paris

By | June 12, 2011

Montmartre has to be the most picturesque part of Paris that I have visited. I highly recommend anyone who travels to Paris to visit this area! It is easily accessible by the RER train blue line. I got hooked up with having a Parisian take me on a guided tour! Sweeeet! Thank you Universe!!My Couch […]

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Falling asleep in Notre Dame

By | May 18, 2011

I had a fabulous 30 minute nap in Notre Dame, Paris. I feel asleep on a wooden chair amongst the others praying in the cathedral. I didn’t know where to go and where to turn because I was so exhausted from the jet lag and only having slept 4/5 hours my first night in Paris. […]

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