Explore Toronto: Visit Chinatown

By | March 11, 2014

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Toronto’s Chinatown

Take a day-trip exploring Chinatown in Toronto. Many would say this is the old Chinatown, as Chinatown has moved north to Markham. Torontonians would argue Markham isn’t Toronto, however that being said this is one of North America’s largest Chinatowns and one of 6 Chinatowns in the Greater Toronto Area. Along Spadina Ave. & Dundas Street West, you’ll be able to find many Chinese restaurants, shops, and outdoor markets throughout the year. It’s a great place to explore using your taste palate…. and for cheap!

Persimmons, Chinatown, Toronto, Chinese


Summer, or winter the markets are open! You can pick up some exotic Chinese fruits & veggies. You have the selection if you want Cantonese or Shanghai boo choy! Exciting right?

Bok choy, Chinese, Chinatown, Toronto

Market in Chinatown, Toronto

You can buy Chinese karma charms to bring happiness, wealth, prosperity & many blessings! Maybe a good house-warming gift?

Karma, Charms, Chinatown, Toronto, Spadina

Oh I love good karma!

With over 2000 stores across Asia & North America, TenRen’s is the place to buy your tea! They even created a jingle that is stuck in my head, ” buy three, get 1 free!” You can find it at 454 Dundas St W.

TenRen's, Tea, Chinatown, Dundas Ave. W, Toronto,

Delicious Tea

Lamb, Chinese, Fish, Chinatown, Skewers, Toronto, Dundas Ave.

Lamb & fish please!

I love these spicy lamb & fish-ball skewers. They take about 10 minutes to cook, which is a perfect about of time to explore stores close by. You can get 4 skewers for $5.00. I don’t know about you, but I get excited! It’s right before the north-east corner at Spadina Ave. & Dundas Street West on Dundas.

Chinese, yummy, fish ball , Chinatown, Toronto


Dumpling House Restaurant is a tasty & very inexpensive place to eat. It’s located at 328 Spadina Ave, Toronto. It’s open from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00p.m. Nom Nom Nom…..

Dumplings, Chinatown, Toronto

Dumpling House Restaurant

dumplings, chinatown, Toronto

Watching the dumpling being prepared.

Beef dumplings, Toronto, Chinatown, Spadina

Beef Dumplings

This place is a great travel escape for the day in Toronto to Asia if your a tourist or local!

To watch my day watch the video below!

Love this city Toronto!

By | March 7, 2014

Love this city! #1LOVETO #AdelaideSt #Toronto

Love this city! #1LOVETO #AdelaideSt #Toronto

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Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Cub Reveals Name

By | March 6, 2014

Toronto Zoo

So cute!

This little cub reveals his name at the Toronto Zoo. Soooo sweet! I am excited to visit him soon. :)

Top 10 Things To Do in Kensington Market, Toronto

By | February 27, 2014

1. Appreciate the really cool street art.

Kensington Market, Graffiti, Toronto, Art, Cool,

Graffiti, Kensington Market, Street art, Toronto, Cool,

Welcome To Kensington Market

Education, Tuition, Creative, Art, Kensington Market, Toronto

Creative way to raise money for tuition!

Creative, Art, Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada, Street Art

Now that’s creative!

2. Listen to live music whether it be on the street on in a bar!

Music, Live, Retro, Kensington Market, Toronto, Cool, Performance

Enjoying some good tunes a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Kensington Market, Toronto, Live performance, Band, Music,

Listening to a live band play while enjoying a nice glass of vino!

Cuban, Havana, Kensington Market, Toronto

Here I am having fun with some Cubanos!

3. Shop at many retro thrift shops!

Thrift, Courage My Love, Kensington Market, Toronto

Get a cool top for your next party for $5 from Courage My Love

Retro, Thrift, Vintage, Kensington Market, Toronto

Courage My Love

Retro, Thrift, Shop, Stores, Kensington Market, Toronto, Eclectic

Get the coolest retro style in Kensington Market!

4. Buy your fruits & veggies!

Toronto Market, Kensington Market, Toronto, Outdoor

Fresh Fruit & Veggies in the Market

Squirrel, Kensington Market, Toronto

Looks like the Squirrel like the market too!

5. Enjoy the Rasta vibes!

Rasta, Toronto, Rastafari, Shop, Natural , Products

One Love :)

Rasta, Genesis, Toronto, One Love, Kensington Market

Enjoying the vibes playing loud from the shop.

6. Shop for some Bohemian clothes! ( This is where I like to buy my dresses for the summer!)

Bohemian , Dresses, Clothing, India, Asia, Africa

Cool Bohemian Clothing

Indian, Dress, Clothing, Shopping, Kensington Market

Myself buying this Indian dress from Kensington Mall Shop. Love wearing it!

Bohemian Dress, Indian, Toronto, Kensington Market, Toronto

Rockin my Kensington Market dress in Skyros Island, Greece.

Toronto, Kensington Market, Dressesm Shopping

Enjoying my light summer dress from Kensington Market in the heat while travelling Skopelos, Greece.

7. Enjoy a drink on a patio!



And of course alcoholic…. 😛

Amadeus, Kensington Market, Toronto Sangria, Patio

Sangria at Amadeus on Augusta Ave on a warm September day.

And while listening to live music!


8. Enjoy the many ethnic restaurants/shops & all their flavours!

Kensington Market, Toronto, Thai, Mexican, Ethnic Flavours,

Delicious Flavours in Kensington.

Pizzaria Via Mercanti, Italian, Kensington Market

Pizzaria Via Mercanti

Churros, Kensington Market, Toronto, Mexican

You have to have Churros when you come!

9. Pedestrian Sundays! The last Sunday of every month from May – October, Kensington Market hosts Pedestrian Sunday’s with the market being closed from 12pm – 7pm! Enjoy the market with artists, musicians, & performers!

10. Simply BE! Enjoy the market! :)




Check out my latest video in Kensington Market from the weekend! :)

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My 30th Birthday Ideas in Toronto & Around

By | September 26, 2013

For those of you who don’t know, I am turning the BIG 3-0 next month! It’s cray cray! So this birthday is supposed to be a milestone from what everyone says. You know I’m leaving my 20’s and am a big girl now, or errr woman I should say. Bye Bye 20’s! Everyone said I should do something BIG, but I was thinking really I don’t want to do anything BIG. I want something more low key.

Paris is always a good idea!

Paris is always a good idea!

Here is a list of 30th Birthday ideas in Toronto & around:

1. Paris: Isn’t there a saying, “Paris is always a good idea.”????? I swear I’ve seen it on pillows in Chapters & on Pinterest. In my mind it had a nice ring to it. Paris…. wine…. cheese….. It just has that “Je ne sais quoi”. Nothing too crazy you know. Perhaps just for 4 days or so? So, I found a flight with Air France a month ago for $680ish leaving Tuesday night and returning Sunday evening. It’s not so low key . . . It did sound fun! However 3-0 sounds like I have to be a little more responsible. What do I think this is, living on a permanent vacation? 😛

2. Salsa Dancing: There are so many places in Toronto that have good Latin nights. The last Latin night I went to was probably over a year ago ( Why have I not gone???) and I always have so much fun when I go. Keyword, “when.” Lol… ( Maybe it was almost 2 years ago!) I love salsa and bachata. It’s always so much fun!

3. Niagara Falls Wine Tour: Going for a wine tour and having lunch with the girls on Niagara on the Lake. I went once on a wine tour with my Grandpa, and it was quite nice. Well, except for the comment when someone asked me to pass the glass to my husband. Husband? That’s the Grandpa buddy!!!! Omg, what’s wrong with people? Oy vey! But anyways, that would be a lovely day!

Niagara Falls With Grandpa!

Niagara Falls With Grandpa!

4. Lady Danger Night Out: I’ve been wearing Lady Danger lipstick from MAC cosmetics and all of a sudden I got the nickname “Lady Danger” from my bestie Ms. Jeannie. So, I was thinking we could all go out and wear Lady Danger lipstick. lol… Only I think of this right? Well, maybe we could do that wherever we end up going! I am sure my friends will be delighted with the idea. ha ha

Lady Danger MAC lipstick!

Lady Danger MAC lipstick!

5. Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Arms Hotel: Today I went to Social Media Week in Toronto which was held at The Windsor Arms Hotel. What a gorgeous property! Very elegant and full of character! I was so happy when I saw the room where the hold Afternoon Tea/High Tea! I always have envisioned having tea parties and room in my house one day just for this serving my friends fresh scones and biscuits. ha ha This is a true story! For my 24th birthday we went to The Fairmont Royal York for high tea! We could do this again…. 6 years later. It’s just so pretty! This being said two of my close friends don’t drink tea. 😛

Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Arms, Toronto

Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Arms, Toronto

There you have my 30th Birthday ideas! What do you think? Any suggestions? I’d love to hear about what your fav is from the list in the comment box below!

Elaine Sarantakos
Toronto, Canada

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