Permanent Vacation

Varadero, Cuba

New Orleans, U.S.A

London, U.K

Paris, France


Granada, Spain

Toronto, Canada

Honolulu, U.S.A

Panama City, Panama

Montreal, Canada

Montego Bay & Negril, Jamaica

Fabulous, the power of sending out magical intentions! I did it, I did it! This year I have manifested my perfect work week schedule into reality! I am doing it! This year I choose to be selfish and live on a permanent vacation. I am meeting people, exploring destinations, eating new food and flirting with hot foreign men! It’s going to be a year full of adventure each month as I set off and journey to new places that I have never been before!

All of this is happening because I designed it that way! A few days ago I was looking on my you tube channel Fabulous Living Coach and noticed the video above that I made in Hollywood, Florida in November of 2009. A smile came on my face because this year I have implemented exactly what I spoke of. To me, my most perfect schedule would be working 3 weeks and then having a week off on vacation. This year started in January to Varadero and Havana, Cuba, February in New Orleans, U.S.A, March in London, U.K, April in Paris, France, May in NYC, June around Spain and in July being a tourist in my own city: Toronto, Oahu & Maui in August, San Blas and Panama City in September, Montreal in October, Montego Bay & Negril in November & ending my 12 month project in Quebec City in December!

People have asked if I have won the lottery.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LOL Ahhhh Sorry, although It would be nice! I am just creative in where and how I go. I use this fancy plethora of resources called: Google and allow things to come! Whether it be a hotel, motel or couch surfing, I go! People decide how they choose to spend their money and what they value spending money on. People actually accept jobs and sign a contract stating they are happy with two weeks vacation a year.

What would happen if we collectively stated we wanted to live on a permanent vacation and asked for more?

I think we need more play in our life. More vacations. More Sun. More flirting with hot foreign men! More connecting to Source Energy. More experiencing and living our fabulous life in JOY! More VACATION, and less work. Think about it!


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