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Creating Your Dream Job Online

By | October 13, 2011

If you were to create your Dream Job what would it be and what would it look like? The most important step is becoming clear of what a dream job means to you, because everyone has a different definition! My definition of a dream job: * Is a passion! * Allows my creativity to be […]

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Congratulations Leonidas!

By | August 28, 2009

I wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Leonidas, who is following one of his biggest passions in life: SCUBA DIVING! He is taking his passion and incorporating it into his new career as a Scuba Diving Instructor in Maldives! Talk about fabulous! From a Manager of a department in a hotel on […]

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Is a job really a job?

By | April 22, 2009

A few years ago in Toronto, I was working for a bank in their customer service department. My boss one day called me into his office and asked me what was wrong because I looked really down. I told him that I was unsatisfied at my job and that I really wasn’t feeling it. He […]

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