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Is Travelling To Colombia Safe?

By | April 17, 2012

Although Colombia has gotten better in the last years of cleaning up it’s reputation, there still is a stigma attached of being a dangerous place to travel to. It hasn’t been until the last year that I have seen Cartagena marketed as a tourist package with Air Transat Holidays in Canada. Not a lot of […]

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First Day Cartagena, My Pappou Died

By | April 12, 2012

Hey Everyone, This is a video about my first day travelling to Cartagena, Colombia. After taking a taxi and arriving to El Viajero Hostel, I logged into Facebook to tell my family that I arrived safely. It is then I saw on my home page my sister had written my Grandpa, my Pappou in Greece […]

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Taxi ride from the Airport in Cartagena & Boyfriend Talk

By | April 9, 2012

Here is a video of my taxi ride from Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena to my hostel El Viajero. I never knew I was going to be interviewed about my relationships with men by the taxi driver. The taxi driver didn’t believe me when I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend. He asked, […]

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Flying to Cartagena, Colombia Alone.

By | April 7, 2012

On my way to Cartagena, Colombia! For some reason because it’s in South America, I was expecting the flight to be much longer. It turns out it’s only a four & a half hour flight from Toronto. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. When you think of South America, it seems like such a far […]

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Travel Adventure to Cartagena, Colombia

By | April 3, 2012

I just came back after a week of amazing travel adventures in Cartagena, Cololmbia. I am so excited to share all of my magical experiences in one of the most colourful cities. I fell in LOVE! Not with any Colombianos, but with the city! I found a flight with Air Transat from Toronto – Cartagena […]

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