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Summer in Skopelos – Limnonari Beach

By | March 7, 2013

The above video shares my stay while at Limnonari Beach, on the green pine island of Skopelos in Greece. Please vote for me to win My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List where I can win a trip blogging & vlogging around the world for 6 months, to 6 continents. To vote click on the […]

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Italian & German Tourists Talk About Their Holidays in Greece During The Crisis, Skopelos

By | February 25, 2013

In these two videos, I am at Limnonari Beach on one of the Greek Sporades islands of Skopelos, where many Italian, French & German tourists come each year to spend their holidays. Spending all of August in Greece, I was able to interact with tourists about their experience travelling in Greece during a crisis. Is […]

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My Confession, My Lie, My Biggest Baddest Bucket List

By | February 21, 2013

I have a confession that I’d like to make online that I said in order to win My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List. I LIED! Yup…… that’s right Neil Waller & James Street, Co-Founder’s of My Destination. I didn’t do it intentionally. Well, maybe…..I mean I want to win, so I need this CAN-DO attitude! […]

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How My Biggest Baddest Bucket List Has Inspired Me

By | February 16, 2013

Entering in My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List has really gotten me pumped and inspired not only to win the contest (which I’d LOVE to win), but has inspired me to work on other areas of my life. First of all what is ” My Biggest Baddest Bucket List”? My Destination, an online global travel […]

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