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Hot Sailor Wanted, San Blas

By | October 11, 2011

I am looking for a Hot Sailor with a big yacht! Please watch my video above from the San Blas Islands in Panama where I am approaching a sailor in his yacht. Please contact only if you have a big yacht! ” If you know what I mean!” ( British accent!) I have some prerequisites […]

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Meeting Friends On Your Journey of Travel

By | July 21, 2011

Travelling around this year, I always meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. Each person has a story to share about their own authentic journey. Everyone thinks it’s brave and adventurous for me to travel alone, but while away I meet many people who are travelling alone as well. It’s not a […]

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Heinekens, Men Advice, Josi & Elaine Champs Elysees

By | June 3, 2011

Josi my Brazilian friend living in Italy and I really clicked on Champs Elysees. It was as if we were both supposed to come together for some serious fun of female bonding in Paris. She invited me to stay with her in Florence, Italy any time I want! I want to come right now is […]

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Girls just want to have fun. Adventures of Josi & Elaine in Paris begin!

By | June 2, 2011

Don’t you love it when you meet someone and you just click? You feel as though you’ve know them for a long time and you can be yourself and say what you want? Well, that’s exactly how it was with my “Loca Amica” Josi! Never did I anticipate I’d go to the Siene River in […]

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How can I compare London to Paris? It’s like ex-boyfriends, I loved them all but in different ways!

By | May 12, 2011

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 I am sitting at a beautiful, what looks typical Parisian cafe near the RER station Arts et Métiers. Most cafes in Paris, I have noticed have an outdoor patio with small circular tables and chairs facing outwards to the street which allows you to drink your coffee, take in the architecture […]

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