Working in Hotel Management Abroad

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Let me tell ya, I’m been around!!! That’s what happens when you study Hotel Management!! You open yourself up to an entire world of possibilities for employment, which is ideal to all of those you have a travel bug/free spirit soul!

I completed a 3 year program at The Alpine Centre for Hotel & Tourism Studies in Athens, Greece and received a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management.

From there I worked on the Greek Island of Rhodes, and in northern Greece in Halkidiki at The Sani Beach Holiday Resort. More specifically, Porto Sani Village. I spent some time working as a Hostess for Intercontinental Toronto Centre in Toronto! I was the “Hostess with the Mostess!” LOL….I worked in the Cayman Island at The Westin Casaurina Resort as a beach girl serving Pina Coladas barefoot on the beach!! Fun, Fun!! I was also a Food & Beverage Coordinator at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Lake Louise, Alberta, which is in the Canadian Rocky Mountains!!!!!

Serving Pina Coladas as a waitress barefoot! It's a hard life!! lol

An example of my job in the Caymans from a blog post!

Two nights ago I was lying in bed and I remembered the time of 2005 – 2006 when I lived in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. I was a Beach Girl working at The Westin Casaurina Resort & Spa serving Pina Coladas, Cayman Lemonade, Bahama Mama’s up and down the beach barefoot in my quicksilver tankini and skirt! Sunglasses, sunscreen, with a tray in my hand carrying drinks on a beautiful, white, sandy, pristine powdery beach facing the aqua sea!!!! Can I book a flight this week and go for a few days please??? lol

So I was lying in bed, and I thought how crazy it is that almost 5 years have already past since I started working there. June 27th, 2005 to be exact! So much has happened in my life since then and it seems so close yet so long ago in my mind. I am so grateful for having experienced it in my reality! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!!

Some Memories Cayman Island Styles ( Yeah Mon!!!) lol):

I met the nicest guests from all around the world, although primarily from The States. I loved this job because I got paid to talk to people! To me that was soooooooo much fun! ( Like Life Coaching!! wink wink I can talk forever, my poor future husband!! lol ) I would get so many guest comment cards that were so heartfelt! It was really nice for people to acknowledge how much I contributed to their stay and memories of a lifetime! I went out with a few couples for dinner sometimes. I know you really aren’t supposed to do that. I wasn’t going out now on dates with men from the hotel. That would have been a no, no. Although I was asked! :)

I worked with a great team of Beach Girls! So much fun! Every Friday there would be live Caribbean music at 4:00 p.m. The sun would be setting and I would be working while listening to this music with the sea right in front of me. Gosh I wish you could all see how beautiful it was. Not to mention the girls drinking “Juice”, yeah with a splash of Vodka!! lol shhhhhhh One drink was okay. :) Not like they can fire us now!!! lol Good times Beach Crew!

I liked in the Caymans going home on the bus which was more of a minivan. You would just wave a bus down from where ever you were so it could stop. The bus would pass along the ocean. Then it would pass through all these beautiful houses which were lime green, bright orange, and pink. There were all these palm trees and wild flowers. Then the bus would be playing really nice soft reggae music or these nice songs about love and Jesus. Then when you got off, you would say bus driver one stop and you’d pay.People would hitch hike all the time. I remember doing grocery shopping and a lady would stop her car so she could drive me further along the street.

I dated my first “Brother”, in the Cayman Islands. He was a really nice Jamaican guy who I shared a lot of great memories with. I learned so much about the Jamaican Culture, which I just love. Don’t get me started in busting out my patois right now!!! lol ( Patois is the dialect they speak, their English broken down!)

I remember finishing work, and then going to a beach bar called Calico Jacks. It was one of our hangouts Our friends would be there, and you knew everyone. Order a drink and then watch the sunset.I never drank beer before the Caymans because I didn’t really like the taste and I thought it wasn’t very ladylike. Beer tasted great there, and Oh My GOD, what a view!!!!!! Tropical paradise I’ll say!

I saw so many sunsets in the Caymans, it was so beautiful. During hurricane season, I remember the coastline looked so so sooooooo beautiful. Imagine the sky being black, the ocean aqua and then sand beach white. It was such a contrast in colour, I wish I had a picture of it. In those days, Facebook wasn’t even heard of and I didn’t have a digital camera yet!

Don’t get me wrong sometimes I was frustrated towards the end of my year, and wanted to tell the guests that “No, you can’t have french fries because it’s not on the pool menu!!! Can you please read!!” And that’s when I realized my time as a Beach Girl was over. lol

Thank you, thank you Universe!!!!

With Deep Gratitude,

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach